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  Secure State Tamper Proof Prescription Pads

California Senate Bill 151
Secure Prescription Pad Printing


We provide Medical Print Services and Medical Office Supplies to the California
Health Care Community.

Your resource for Controlled Substance Prescription Pads.

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All Of Our RxForms Exceed California Security Requirements

All of our forms exceed the security requirements mandated by
California laws. (SB151)

There is no single specific format, size or color for the security prescription forms, so pharmacists need to be aware of the required elements for such forms. Security features are used to prevent fraud or diversion.

Read more About SB151 Requirements ...

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Protect Your Practice With a
Secure Rx Distributor

At GGS all printing is done and records stored in one secure facility in California. Each order is processed separately and shipped in tamper evident bags packed inside cartons.

You have our promise that we will protect the integrity of your practice by keeping the prescription forms that bear your name and license information safe for you and only you.

Heat Sensitive Ink (Disappears when Heated) Shown here is the thermochromic security feature. When a warm finger touches the Rx on the image, it loses its color then returns to red when it cools. This feature is printed with a special ink that is only obtainable by security printers. GGS uses only SIPCA inks. SIPCA is the ink manufacturer for US currency. It would be nearly impossible for a forger to print this image. They would not be able to get the ink and would not have the equipment to put it on the paper.

Paper Protected from Chemical Alteration Shown here are the security features of the paper used (Defensa) which is manufactured by Glatfelter and used by GGS in its secure prescription forms. The stained portions show the way the paper reacts to the chemical solvents usually used to alter documents. One corner is alcohol, another is acetone and another is bleach. Both the paper and printing work together to prevent duplication or alteration. Void will appear in the background when the face of the form is copied.
If for any reason your forms fail to meet the California requirements or fail to meet your expectations
for layout and design we will either replace them or give you a full credit.
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